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About Us

About Greentea.net and the author and tea expert Dr. Joerg Schweikart. Background information and vision of Greentea.net and the company Dr. Schweikart GmbH.


Dr. (rer.pol.) Jörg Matthias Schweikart

Born in 1968, Radolfzell am Bodensee
Lives and works in Berlin
Interests: holistic medicine, healthy eating, meditation, spiritual literature, yoga, sailing and skiing.

  • 2012-2013 Training for holistic Nutrition at the Akademie der Naturheilkunde, Switzerland.
  • 2012 Foundation of Dr. Schweikart GmbH with a focus on health, nutrition, naturopathy, movement and spirituality.
  • 2011 Alternative Therapy Training Institute Hanne Edling, Berlin.
  • 2001-2011 Axel Springer AG in various positions in Berlin, Potsdam, Hamburg and Munich. Final position: Deputy Chief Financial Officer and Head of Services Management Division Controlling, M & A, strategy and law.
  • Previously CFO of IMC Telecom and business consultant at Roland Berger & Partner.
  • Doctorate at the FU Berlin in cost accounting and marketing
  • Economic studies at the ESCP Europe in Paris, Oxford and Berlin (Dipl.-Kfm., Diplomas Grande Ecole, EMIM)

My Passion for Tea

My passion for Green Tea began in the 1990’s while I was a student in Paris. Initially inspired by the large flavor variety of Chinese green teas in the magnificent Parisian tearooms and tea shops, I discovered and developed a deep admiration and awareness especially for steamed Japanese green tea and its absolute refined taste and incredible health benefits.

Today I spend a good deal of my time visiting incredible tea farms around the world. Researching green tea led me towards other types of tea, such as the white and yellow tea, the Oolong tea, the pu-erh tea and the black tea. In addition, I have systematically mapped the most important herbs and other teas of other tea producing countries, such as the Krebsbusch and Hoodia Tea from South Africa, the Kuding Tea of China, or the Dattan Soba, Dokudami & Eucommia tea from Japan.

Through my qualification as a nutrition consultant and alternative healer combined with the help of many tea farmers, medical practitioners, doctors and literary research & scientific journals, I explore the respective best teas and tea varieties. I source their best terroirs and investigate green tea benefits for certain health applications and diseases and how best to apply them. This information is freely published on all the websites of Dr. Schweikart GmbH.

Our Network

Greentea.net is part of the network of Dr. Schweikart GmbH (www.drschweikart.com). We publish independent advice on issues of health, medicine, alternative and holistic healing methods, medicinal plants, nutrition, fitness, exercise, yoga, as well as energy healing and spirituality. In essence we aim to provide a total platform for individuals interested in the world of healing from the broadest to the most specific issues. We are continuously expanding our wealth of knowledge, which is published free for readers to make educated decisions on the most important of decisions – the combination of the three major pillars of holistic healing of Body, Spirit and Soul:

  • Science and Medicine
  • Alternative Medicine and Healing
  • Spiritual and Energy Treatments and Healing Practices

By partnering and cooperating with the best experts in their respective disciplines (doctors, medical practitioners, yoga therapists, etc.) we endeavor to ensure the highest level of quality and continually strive to make sure we offer you the latest and best applicable available research.

Dr. Schweikart can be reached by email at infogruenertee.de. We welcome your comments, questions and are always open to suggestions for improvement.


We are always interested in mutually beneficial relevant long-term partnerships. We cooperate closely with our carefully selected partners and pay particular attention is paid to the experience and added value for visitors entering our sites. Any suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

Companies or Experts interested in participating or joining the Dr. Schweikart GmbH network are invited and welcomed to contact us.

* Our content is intended for informational purposes and is not a substitute for advice and treatment by a physician or medical practitioner. We strongly advise that you consult your doctor, pharmacist or medical practitioner when suffering from disease, illness or physical defects or have questions about medication, lifestyle or nutrition.

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